For You My Little Angel

Dikten min vän skrev om kampen för en liten, bräcklig, men samtidigt stark ängel...

For You My Little Angel

For every tear of pain that fell from your sweet little chin that night,
each will be returned as written razorblades
deep into every corner of your enemies hearts.
For every step you ran in fear that night, my wings will shelter every further danger
and carry you through every unfamiliar landscape

For every dark hour of silent screams when no one listened to you little angel,
the rage and sharpness of my spoken words will make them listen this time

You searched for my protection and care that night.
Why wasn’t I home when you needed me the most?

The picture that came to my mind when I was told this will never be erased from my inner eye.
The scars in my heart and the tears in my eyes still tear me down when I think of it.
I can't change the past but I promise I will fight with you
dear little angel for a better future.
You are one of the finest I know
and your heart is a treasure to be protected.
Never forget this my angel...never forget this


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